Originally from Georgia, LJ Pemberton is a writer / artist / futurist living in Los Angeles, California. Her essays, poetry, and award-winning stories have been featured in the Los Angeles Review, [PANK], Hobart, Cobalt, VICE, the Brooklyn Rail, the Electric Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature, and elsewhere. Her photography has been featured by Metro Los Angeles. She holds a BA from Reed College and an MFA from Columbia University. She was previously an assistant editor at NOON and she currently reviews fiction for Publishers Weekly.

Her (yet unpublished) novel, STARBOI — a queer tale of obsession and heartbreak set in the recent past — was recently long listed for the 2020 [PANK] Book Contest.

Bureau of Complaint, the online literary magazine she co-edits with Tye Pemberton, is now open for submissions.

Recent publications:
MOSKVA, Hobart (short story) (2021)

Husbandry, Los Angeles Review (short story) (2020)
Old Dog, Pittsburgh Poetry Journal (poem) (2020)
The State of Chain Restaurant Eating Has Reached Its Nadir, Bureau of Complaint (essay) (2020)

Upcoming publications:
STARBOI (the crash), Cosmonauts Avenue (novel excerpt)
Waterhouse, LEVEE Magazine (poem)
Sober, Drunk Monkeys (poem)
STARBOI (the heights), Northwest Review (novel excerpt)
Antville, Rejection Letters (short story)