Moments of Glory

That time Boots Riley retweeted me.

That time The Museum of English Rural Life responded to my tweet.

That time Tom Bennett favorited two of my tweets.  tombennett

That time Chris Fleming favorited one of my tweets. chrisfleming

That time Peter Relic liked the LJ Algorithm.peterrelic

That time Martha Cipolla followed me. marthcipolla

That time Sheryl Monks said something I wrote was magnificence. sherylmonks

That time Wendy Ortiz and I were witches. wendyortiz

That time Andrei Codrescu retweeted me. andreicodrescu

That time Anil Dash and I had a conversation. anildash

That time Charles M. Blow liked my compliment. charlesblow

That time Karolina Waclawiak said thank you.karolinawaclawiak

That time Joe Keohane said I wrote something worth reading. joekeohane

That time Jason Feifer ruined my fun. jasonfeifer

That time Drew Dowdey said my essay was dope. drewdowdey

That time E. Jean Carroll called me brillig and I freaked out. ejean

That time Tanya Paperny tweeted my article. tanyapaperny

That time Sarah Clyne Sundberg quoted me. sarahclynesundberg

That time Morgan Parker exclaimed in my direction.morganparker