After the Turkey

Study finds flying in America is worse than ever
Why does airline travel make people grumpy?
Why air travel sucks
How designers would fix air travel
How Obama is trying to make air travel better
(This is one thing that was better in the 1960s)

10 things you probably didn’t know about Willa Cather
Smart Girl Club
Street hijab fashion
The ultimate Maggie Nelson reading list
Pearl Hart

The latest Reparations podcast
Inside the murky world of DIY abortions
The NSA spy hub in Manhattan: hidden in plain sight

The Boston molasses disaster of 1919
A more accurate flat world map
Dial-up modem handshake sound
The epic uncool of Philip Seymour Hoffman

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Evening Edition

These are a few of my other mothers. Maybe some of them are your other mothers too. —LJ

Other Mothers
Virginia Woolf
Princess Nokia
Clarice Lispector
Gayl Jones
Anna Kavan
Toni Morrison
Simone de Beauvoir
Georgia O’Keeffe
Cindy Sherman
bell hooks
Adrienne Rich
Anne Carson
Maggie Nelson
Audre Lorde
Diane Arbus
Kate Chopin
Marguerite Duras

The Other Canon
Once upon a time, the poet Marina Blitshteyn and I put together this OTHER canon of women and POC and queer folk. As you can see, the list is incomplete. Maybe you can help make it into the incredible resource we hoped it would become. Use liberally. Share it. Teach it. Our antecedents should not be forgotten.

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