Towards a Better World

An incredible article about Harry Belafonte and the Civil Rights Movement
The distress of the privileged and how to talk about it
Misrepresenting the white working class: what the narrating class gets wrong
In the Harvard Business Review: there is no invisible hand
Women were included in the Civil Rights Act as a joke
Explaining white privilege to a broke white person
How to explain what is wrong with #AllLivesMatter as a response to #BlackLivesMatter
Map of 73 years of lynchings
Gender bias in Academe
The case of the missing perpetrator: disappearing men
Free books on race, gender, sexuality and class

Fact checking Alec Baldwin’s monologue in Glengarry Glen Ross
The Ace of Hearts (1927) silent movie online
Confidence at The Barbershop about Women
Jimmy Durante in Palooka (1934)

The oldest melody in existence
Tom Waits Burma Shave (full video)
Cher and David Bowie Young Americans medley
Shovels and Rope, Gasoline
Dolly Parton and Pentatonix sing Jolene acappella

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That’s a Wrap

LJ email, Circa 2010
Subject: exchange of possessions

I would like to figure out when I can get my stuff back from you. I will return your shirt and jeans and boxers. I hope you found my underwear and argyle tights? My hat? Are any of the above items still missing?

If so, I will live, unless my hat has disappeared, in which case I will have a conniption fit.    ―LJ

How shade is done
Hillary Clinton dressed as Dolly Parton
Herblock Collection of Political Cartoons at the Library of Congress

19 Maps that will help you put the United States in perspective
Money art, aka defaced Presidents

Classic cinema online
La maman et la putain

Podcast: On being lesbian in a straight marriage
Lesbian pulp book covers 1935-1965

Otters chase a butterfly

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