Kate McKinnon plays the piano and sings a tearful Hallelujah as Hillary Clinton (and makes me cry)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn voted for Trump
Judith Butler on Trump, Germany’s Willkommenskultur, and radical Democracy
16 writers on Trump’s America

“The earliest record of an Indian traveling to the USA is that of a young Indian man from Madras who may have visited Massachusetts in 1790. As Salem developed its trade with India during the next decade, young Indians worked on the India wharves at Crownshield and Derby, two of the larger shipyards. In 1851, six Indians marched in the Salem Fourth of July parade under the banner of the “East India Marine Society”. Most of these men are believed to have married American women of African origin and integrated themselves into that community.”

Autocracy: Rules for Survival
How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour

This Land is Your Land
The story of Ella and Louis (one of the greatest albums of all time), 60 years later
Kulning demonstration (watch to the end)
The “I was not a Nazi” Polka

Wancy Young Cho on racism in the male gay community
A list of pro-woman, anti-bigotry, pro-earth, pro-immigrant organizations that need your help

A street dog gets adopted, become L.A. foodie cutey
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