No Telling

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

A few of you sent along links of interest, but I’m afraid it wasn’t enough for a true watchdog list. And in second and third thoughts, I am not entirely sure it is beneficial to add to the noise.

If at first you don’t succeed, sometimes try again….but sometimes retreat and regroup. I am regrouping—not only with the LJ Algorithm, but with other life plans as well.

Most mornings I wake up feeling like I’ve been raked over a cheese grater. C’est la Wednesday.


I’d like the LJ Algorithm to become a Weekly Watch List covering:

  • crimes committed by elected officials
  • violations of the Constitution by elected officials
  • Congressional, Judicial, or Presidential removals of existing rights
  • any legislation at the local, state, or national level that endangers the First Amendment
  • military or police misconduct and overreach 


Send relevant clips via the contact form at Subscribe for weekly updates.

Let’s do this.


And no, I don’t mean that great episode of Billy on the Street where Amy Poehler wears a Pitbull mask.

I mean, last night I dreamt I got two puppies and one grew into a beautiful brown pit bull and the other one grew into a blonde chihuahua and the pit bull thought he was the same size as the chihuahua and so of course hijinks ensued. The thing is, I AM the goddamn pit bull. I forget who I am all the time, and when I do, I try to make myself smaller, but I bump into things all the same. I don’t fit where chihuahuas fit for crying out loud! I’m bruising my own damn self and wondering why the world is so cruel.

Time to cut that shit OUT.

Also: it’s 2017. The inauguration of our hellspawn leader is around the corner. I’m putting the finishing touches on an essay about why we should save public education, and temperatures in Savannah were 10 degrees above average this week. But what does that have to do with the price of ice in Greenland?

I digress. Look, I know you subscribe to this thing for links, not my personal pep-talks / mental meanderings, but sometimes you get the content LJ has, not the content you might want or wish LJ had at a later time.

That said, here’s a little of your usual best of the web:

The linguistic overlap of color theory and racism
What Git Hub did to kill its trolls
One man’s quest to change the way we die
Type designer, William Addison Dwiggins
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (1956), FULL MOVIE on youtube
Civil War photos
NASA’s interactive weather satellite viewer

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming in a jiffy. In the meantime, stay dry out there.

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The Heart Knows More Than the Mind Can Tell

“The imperialist-minded businessman, whom the stars annoyed because he could not annex them, realized that power organized for its own sake would beget more power. When the accumulation of capital had reached its natural, national limits, the bourgeoisie understood that only with an “expansion is everything” ideology, and only with a corresponding power-accumulating process, would it be possible to set the old motor into motion again. At the same moment, however, when it seemed as though the true principle of perpetual motion had been discovered, the specifically optimistic mood of the progress ideology was shaken. Not that anybody began to doubt the irresistibility of the process itself, but many people began to see what had frightened Cecil Rhodes: that the human condition and the limitations of the globe were a serious obstacle to a process that was unable to stop and to stabilize, and could therefore only begin a series of destructive catastrophes once it had reached its limits.

“In the imperialistic epoch a philosophy of power became the philosophy of the elite, who quickly discovered and were quite ready to admit that the thirst for power could be quenched only through destruction. This was the essential cause of their nihilism (especially conspicuous in France at the turn, and in Germany in the twenties, of [the last] century) which replaced the superstition of progress with the equally vulgar superstition of doom, and preached automatic annihilation with the same enthusiasm that the fanatics of automatic progress had preached the irresistibility of economic laws.”

Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

Power to the People: A Syrian Experiment in Democracy
Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism
Apocalypse whatever: the making of a racist, sexist, religion of nihilism on 4Chan
The Iago Problem
The untold story of Napoleaon Hill: the greatest self-help scammer of all time

What to do if your boyfriend proposes on Christmas Eve
43 vintage snapshots of women next to Christmas trees, 1950s-1960s
Lighting the World’s Largest Menorah in Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, New York
1200 ghosts, a Christmas Carol in Supercut
Jingle cats: rockin around the Christmas cats
Dear 2016, I made you this ornament: it is a dumpster fire
An AI wrote a Christmas carol and it is CREEEPY
Dumpster Fire tree decoration
Misconceptions and misunderstandings of Eid Milad un Nabi
Norwegian Yule
Pagan costumes worn at winter celebrations around the world

195 Lewis: new series about being black, queer and polyamorous
Where do people say that?
Studio of the Vanities
Do you use Crisco?
Portraits of lonely cars in 1970s New York

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