Publication Announcement: MOSKVA, A Short Story

One of the strangest parts of writing stories and poems and essays (and even and especially novels) is that they enter the world long after you finish them.

MOSKVA, published by Hobart Pulp today, had a shorter finished-to-published timeline than most (two months!). Then again, it only took me seventeen years to figure out how to write it…

Joshua Hebburn, the guest editor who selected this piece, will be releasing MOSKVA along with a selection of other great work in a digital e-zine in the coming months. I’ll give you a heads up when that happens too!

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Sending much love, xo —


HUSBANDRY Now Available to Read Online (for FREE)

After what “seems like an eon and a half of pre-production lead up,”* my short story HUSBANDRY is finally available for the general public to read on the Los Angeles Review website without a price of admission:

Click to Read!

Thank you for your love and support. (If you feel like sharing HUSBANDRY on Reddit or boosting it elsewhere, you will have my forever thanks.)

Sending love and a hug and a wish to tell stories on a porch together again, someday,


*according to my beloved.

HUSBANDRY available to read in Issue 23 of the Los Angeles Review from Red Hen Press

Two years ago we were rounding out our first year in Los Angeles when I won the short fiction contest at the Los Angeles Review. The news felt like a blessing on an already good year — we came West in the hope that California would be a good home for the next chapter of our lives and 2018 seemed to say: you did good.

But that was two years ago. Right now we’re in the middle of a pandemic and LA County looks like it’s in a race with Florida for the number of new COVID cases per day. We spend most of our time at home with our pets. Even though it is true that every day of our lives holds the promise of something unexpected, that truth feels more raw and real right now.

So it is with relief and hope and an attempt to invite you into my co-joy that I share the news that my short story, HUSBANDRY, is finally available to read in the late-released Issue 23 of the Los Angeles Review.

HUSBANDRY is about a bull who wakes up as a woman—and what it means to be lonely, and other, and still find your person in this world. It’s about gender and sexuality and pastoral life and what time does to who we are.

I’m honored to be featured alongside a number of amazing writers and artists and I hope you’ll consider buying a copy and giving it a read. These independent presses survive on razor thin margins and every little bit counts towards keeping them alive. If you like interesting writing that isn’t your typical cookie-cutter beach read, especially, check them out. More about Red Hen Press can be found here.

Love to all and Happy Friday!!

xo, LJ

StoryWoolf Cometh

Holy Fucking Shit.

I can can say that because this is my personal website and I can say that because it can feel like a dam is breaking when you’ve been holding something in for nearly(?) ten years. Never mind. It HAS been ten years.

Today the social media accounts for StoryWoolf came alive. StoryWoolf is a new publishing platform meant to end how tech and digital media have exploited content creators over the years (and it’s my idea!!). We need a new paradigm. We need writers and readers to be able to connect directly, where writers are the primary beneficiaries of their own labor. This is what I believe. This is why the StoryWoolf team has been working and hustling to make StoryWoolf a reality.

But I’m not rich. And I’m not a tech bro. And my team still has other jobs, like I do. And so we’ve had to work hard. And slow. And deliberately.

When I used to lie in bed, exhausted, and stare at my ceiling and wonder if I’d wasted my money and years of my life on a gamble, I would try to tell myself: you just have to stay alive long enough. You just have to keep going, keep working, never give up, and some day you’ll wake up and you’ll get to tell people about this project you’ve put your heart and soul and every dime of your money into.

AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT, today is the day I get to tell you about it.

As for March? Well. You’ll get to see the nitty-gritty of what I’m talking about.

Until then, please join me over the next few weeks — quite a short time, really, when you think about it — as I tell the Story of StoryWoolf.

It begins with a party.

Podcast Launch: Bureau of Complaint

As many of you know, I used to cohost and produce the fabulous podcast Livin’ and Lovin’ in NYC with the glorious Victoria Davis (“The Victator”). During its short run, we were lucky enough to be featured in the Village VoiceSavage LoveWNYCThrillist and FILTHY.

Then I left New York, and with it, my position as cohost.


Enter the Bureau of Complaint.

The Bureau is the brainchild of Tye Pemberton and myself. A podcast for the times, if you will. No complaint is too petty, no rant too long. We’re here to sound off on what gripes us, and most importantly (POSSIBLY), what gripes you. Co-catharsis anyone?

Have a listen to Episode One: Baby Boomers and then send us your feedback (or a complaint of your own) on our website. If you’re feeling extra generous, leave us a review on SoundCloud. (iTunes streaming forthcoming.)

We look forward to hearing from you.