StoryWoolf Cometh

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StoryWoolf is a new publishing platform meant to end how tech and digital media have exploited content creators over the years. We need a new paradigm. We need writers and readers to be able to connect directly, where writers are the primary beneficiaries of their own labor.

Podcast Launch: Bureau of Complaint

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As many of you know, I used to cohost and produce the fabulous podcast Livin’ and Lovin’ in NYC with the glorious Victoria Davis (“The Victator”). During its short run, we were lucky enough to be featured in the Village Voice, Savage Love, WNYC, Thrillist and FILTHY. Then I left New York, and with it, my position as cohost. MAN […]


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By: Laura Jean Moore and Tye Pemberton You do not have to be call-your-wife-mom good. You do not have to walk on your knees in Guantanamo or for a hundred miles through the desert repenting (as Weezer’s Africa cover plays on repeat.) You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what […]

If you can’t be there, help there. #Charlottesville

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I condemn the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville. So should you.  Here’s how you can help: If you can’t be here, you can donate to support resistance: Legal fund: Direct response: — Indivisible Cville (@indivisibleVA05) August 11, 2017 // Image Credit: Woody Guthrie, Bard of American Anti-fascism

“Reclaiming My Time”

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Because I needed this in my life, I thought you might need it too. Here’s an MP3 ringtone I made of the gentle lady from California Maxine Waters saying what we all should be saying to nonsense everyday: “Reclaiming My Time.” Download BADASS RINGTONE Pic credit: Maxine Waters’ Official Portrait