StoryWoolf Cometh

Holy Fucking Shit.

I can can say that because this is my personal website and I can say that because it can feel like a dam is breaking when you’ve been holding something in for nearly(?) ten years. Never mind. It HAS been ten years.

Today the social media accounts for StoryWoolf came alive. StoryWoolf is a new publishing platform meant to end how tech and digital media have exploited content creators over the years (and it’s my idea!!). We need a new paradigm. We need writers and readers to be able to connect directly, where writers are the primary beneficiaries of their own labor. This is what I believe. This is why the StoryWoolf team has been working and hustling to make StoryWoolf a reality.

But I’m not rich. And I’m not a tech bro. And my team still has other jobs, like I do. And so we’ve had to work hard. And slow. And deliberately.

When I used to lie in bed, exhausted, and stare at my ceiling and wonder if I’d wasted my money and years of my life on a gamble, I would try to tell myself: you just have to stay alive long enough. You just have to keep going, keep working, never give up, and some day you’ll wake up and you’ll get to tell people about this project you’ve put your heart and soul and every dime of your money into.

AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT, today is the day I get to tell you about it.

As for March? Well. You’ll get to see the nitty-gritty of what I’m talking about.

Until then, please join me over the next few weeks — quite a short time, really, when you think about it — as I tell the Story of StoryWoolf.

It begins with a party.

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