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Yvonne Woon, Atlanta-based author of Dead Beautiful and other killer fictions
Blackmarket Boo, Sydney-based photographer and queen of my heart
Joshua Liebowitz, New York-based sound artist and favorite enigma

Current obsession: Princess Nokia, Brujas
Androgyne Eliot Sumner, Dead Arms & Dead Legs
Out of Line interactive music video

WASTED RITA: God’s Only Mistake
BEHIND YOU: A series of nightmare children’s illustrations

17 essays and stories about how we ended up in Trump’s America
A map of two Americas
Women take up encryption post-election
How to call your Congressional Representatives when you have social anxiety
via Mary South: George Orwell’s Notes on Nationalism

Shit Sindhi parents say
One of the worst jobs in 19th century New York City
The Rock as Flex Kavana in the USWA Memphis wrestling scene, 1996
Pet bobcat really loves to snuggle

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Pro-tip: email subscribers click title for sweet pic of Princess Nokia

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