Susan Sontag on the aesthetics of silence
Andrei Tarkovsky’s advice to the young

On Grace Paley
Arundhati Roy on love
Audre Lorde on how the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house

Suicide Prevention Week: a truth-teller being honest
And so I kept living
The art of solitude

Artist and writers and everyone: why we need to start telling each other how much we get paid
When the boss says don’t tell how much you get paid
Breaking the taboo
Everyone will try to scare you, because if we all knew how much we were making, we would try to make the world fair

The case against cats
On refusing to read: a monumental missive including some excellent points and some horrifying revelations

On the Knowledge, the test for London taxi drivers that has been described as harder than medical school
A warthog in front of a fire
Some lessons for aspiring writers everywhere

Typhoon Meranti is terrifying
What would the earth be like if it was shaped like a donut?

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