Anna Nolan and The Syria Campaign’s White Helmets documentary will be out on Netflix Sept. 16
The Scofield (literary magazine) features an excerpt of D. Foy’s new book
Daniel Miller goes “Full Jew”
Livin’ and Lovin’ in NYC talks about “when we don’t wanna bang”
My latest column on the limits of self-love and how to cope with the on-and-on
Jessica Pishko profiles an autistic kid accused of terrorism by the FBI
Jonathan Russell Clark on why any story worth telling doesn’t need spoiler alerts

Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale profiled on the Guardian
No, Alan Moore isn’t a recluse
The long, steady decline of literary reading (NOOOOOOOO!!!)

12 writers reflect on the high school English teacher that changed their lives
Things native English speakers know and don’t know they know
Why grammar snobbery has no place in social justice movements
Inescapably, you’re judged by your language
On literacy privilege

8 lady surrealists who are not Frida Kahlo
Artist in Residence stranded at sea

Test your knowledge of city populations in the U.S. (interactive bracket game by
Dancing pig

Image Credit: click to support the Syria Campaign
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