Staying Alive

The only reason I live and breathe is learn to new things. Sometimes that leads me (to attempt) to create new things in response. It is an ongoing tug of war. Everything in between is just a checklist of responsibilities that need to be completed to keep a roof over my head, food on my table, and my health in good standing. My delight, my ever-delight, is in the learning. —LJ

An entire museum full of cat art
The Bauhaus Collection at Harvard has been digitized
Robert Riggs’ drawings and prints

The UK’s most recognizable and trusted typefaces
A historical look at design and branding trends for the Olympic Games
Edward Tufte on Chartjunk: Vibrations, Grids, and Ducks

Women in Philosophy: Project Vox
American Roots: Hairdressers and Beauty Shop Culture in America
Harvard’s free & paid online learning courses

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