Amazing and gorgeous data visualizations of the 19th century
The Green Book, a black motorist’s guide for surviving and thriving on road trips across America during the first half of the 20th century

Trophy Homes on Martha’s Vineyard
Animated short: The Selkie Bride
The Hitch-hiker, the first film noir by a woman director (Ida Lupino)
Get Smart, full episodes online

Leopoldine Core in W
Hot Sex and Young Girls in The New York Review of Books
One hundred first person essays from the London Review of Books, by location

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  1. Right!?!?! I feel like most of American sexuality is an emphasis on BEING sexy rather than HAVING sex. Sex is messy and animalistic. Sexy is clean and reproducible. It is as though we envy our mass-produced consumables rather than enjoying the unique perspective and experience of being a particular human.

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