More than once in my life people have told me they “only read nonfiction.” Whenever I hear those clichéd words come out of someone’s mouth, I think to myself: no wonder you have nothing original to say. And I love nonfiction! That isn’t the point. The point is to consider possible worlds. The point is consider possible feelings. The point is to stretch in and outside the familiar. Nothing is better than finding out something you consider your weirdest thought has been thought by someone else before, or, even better, finding out someone has thought much about what you didn’t even think to notice. The best: when you read a book, or poem, or story, and can never think the same way again. Life can be boring. The slog is long and hard. When I am done—and I mean done—with the mediocrity and sameness of every fucking day, poetry saves my life, every time.   —LJ

Morgan Parker
Jamie Mortara
Switchback Books
Montreaux Rotholtz
Marina Blitshteyn
Poetry Comics

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9 year old Katie Ledecky getting an autograph from baby-adult Michael Phelps
Simone Biles in slow motion
That time Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter on LSD
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